Za bramami Ziemi Obiecanej - Behind the Gates of the Promised
Creative Common
2013-02-12 10:34

It's a journey through a purgatory coupled with a lesson of humility, taught in the context of history and the whims of Fortune which treated Łódź, the second biggest city in Poland, especially its centre, in an extraordinary way. The world I present is subject to merciless, destructive forces of time and man, and to the influence of nature which creeps into every crack and eagerly grows over everything that is degraded and obsolete. A considerable amount of vitality and energy is introduced into those pictures thanks to the portrayed children. This world - which from the point of view of adults is dying - means a “carefree” time for children, for whom it is most of all a true academy of real life. From their perspective all these writings on the walls, vulgar and unclear for the stranger from the world of the so-called intelligentsia, begin to gain meaning, they come alive and make up a specific “street decalogue”, a street code that will remain in their memory for good and will be used in the creation of the mythology of this place and time. This is a historical document, a record of fragments of space-time continuum, invisible for an ordinary pedestrian and free from any postcard qualities; his is a critical and realistic interpretation, undoubtedly useful for future scholars like historians, cultural anthropologists or sociologists. Yet on the other hand, it's a pure work of art which mythologizes reality, giving it a poetic, contemplative and laconic charm.

Za bramami Ziemi Obiecanej - Behind the Gates of the Promised Land

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